At SpaceUP, we wish to see every order succeed. However, since we depend on other stakeholders (such as manufacturers, raw material providers, and accessory suppliers), there are times when we need to make changes to our prices and material offerings. In such situations, we owe it to our customers to be fair and transparent, also allowing them to cancel their order if the situation demands.

If something’s not right and you want to break up with us, we understand. We’ll try our best to end things with no confusion and a sense of closure. Here’s a table indicating the applicable refunds on cancellation.

Cancellation period*

0-2 days

3+ days

Site measurement: Done

100% cash refund with 30 working days

No refund

*Cancellation period starts after the initial booking is done.

Cancelling/ replacing product(s) in your order
Design stage: Any product in the tentative quotation can be replaced or removed while you’re still discussing designs with your team i.e. till the Final Bill of Material (BOM) is not created.
Post final order: Because each item is made to order, SpaceUP cannot offer to cancel, replace or modify items once the final order is placed i.e. a final BOM is created. However, please be assured that your design team will always explicitly discuss all items with you before placing orders.

Any non-manufacturing defects and damages post receiving the delivery are not valid for returns or replacements. Customized and made-to-order furniture pieces, purchased from SpaceUP, cannot be returned or exchanged. All payments made at each stage are Non-refundable.

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